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Another Word for Healthy Food

What is another word for healthy food? Sometime, this question asked by some people. Yes, many people want to know about what healthy food is. Talking about healthy food, there are so many foods can be included into healthy food. You can read some information below to know more about another word for healthy food.
Another Word for Healthy Food 

Low-Calorie Food

Another word for healthy food is low-calorie food. You may feel so curious about why does low-calorie food called as healthy food. Actually, calories are needed by our body. But if we consume too much calories, calories will be changed into fat, and it will be stored under skin layers. When it happens, it will make you looks fat. So, try to consume low-calorie food. Some examples of low-calorie foods are fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, fish, and fat-free meat.

High-Fiber Food

Healthy food not only refers to low-calorie food. Healthy food also refers to high-fiber food. Fiber is so needed by our body. By consuming enough fiber, we will have healthy digestive system. So, try to consume high-fiber food every day to get healthier body. Actually, there are so many foods contain much fiber, such as banana, papaya, broccoli, apple, oatmeal, avocado, berry fruits, cabbage, yogurt, corn, almond, mango, potato, and many more. You can consume high-fiber foods every day to get healthy digestive system and healthy body.

Low-Carb Food

Carbohydrate needed by our body, but we need it in enough portion. For diabetics, consuming too much carbohydrate will cause bad effect because pancreas can’t release insulin optimally. Actually, low-carb food is recommended to get healthier body. There are so many types of low-carb food that can be your recommendation, such as fish. Fish doesn’t contain too much carbohydrate, and it means it is safe for people who have diabetes. Not only that, fish is also good for people who have hypertension. Not only fish, there are still many types of low-carb foods such as beans, seeds, dairy product, and meats.

Low-Fat Food

Another word for healthy food is low-fat food. As we know that consuming too much fat will cause obesity. So, we are better to consume low-fat foods. If we consume low-fat foods every day, we will always feel healthy and free of obesity. Some recommended low-fat foods that can be consumed are fish, skinless chicken, fat-free meat, egg whites, and beans. You can consume low-fat food as your daily menu. By consuming low-fat foods, you will not worry about your weight.

Organic Food

It is another word for healthy food. Some experts said that organic food is healthy food because free of chemical that may harm your body. So, you can consume organic food to get healthier body and free of various diseases. There are so many types of organic food, such as meat, milk, egg, fruits, vegetables, shrimp, coffee, and many more. By consuming organic food, you will always consume high quality foods that don’t contain harmful chemical. Well, those are some information for you about another word for healthy food, and hopefully this information will be useful for you.

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