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Are Quest Bars Healthy Protein Bars?

Are Quest Bars healthy protein bars? Some of you may have ever asked this question. Nowadays, there are so many types of snack bars. Every company that produces snack bar always claims that their product is healthy snack bar. How about Quest Bars? Are Quest Bars healthy? Is it good to consume? You can find the answer below.

Are Quest Bars Healthy Protein Bars?
Are Quest Bars Healthy Protein Bars?

What Are Quest Bars?

As mentioned before, there are so many types of snack bars today. Quest Bars is one of snack bar that is newest in the market. But, this snack bar is so popular and becomes the choice for people who want to eat healthy snack because you can read “revolutionize food and make clean eating fun” label on the wrapper. It may make many people feel so attract to buy Quest Bar and call this snack bar as healthy bar. Nowadays, Quest Bars are available in various flavors, even more than 20 flavors.

What are Ingredients of Quest Bars?

When we buy a snack, we may consider some ingredients before buying it. Actually, the ingredients of Quest Bars are so varies. Some ingredients are sea salt, corn fiber, sucralose, stevia, calcium carbonate, gums, palm oil, erytriotol, and many more. From that list, there is a result that may make you feel so surprise. 30% of Quest Bars’ ingredients are high intensity sweeteners. It means Quest Bars contain too much sugar that usually found in sweet foods. For your information, food with high sugar level is not good for your health.

Expert’s Opinion about Quest Bars

Some of you may not believe about a fact before you know about source of that fact. As mentioned before, 30% of Quest Bars’ingredients are high intensity sweeteners. Actually, there are some health experts who have given some opinions about Quest Bars. 6 nutrition experts have been interviewed by healthy eating blog. All experts said that they will not recommend Quest Bars for their friend or client. The experts said that Quest Bars contain high amount of highly processes ingredients, so Quest Bars are not considered clean eating.

Is There Any Alternative for Quest Bars?

For people who like Quest Bars so much, they may be so difficult to stop consuming Quest Bars. Actually, there are some alternatives for you. Some alternatives are healthier and will not cause bad effect. The alternatives are peanut and cashew. But if you want to change your Quest Bars with other snack bar, you can choose KIND bars or Clif bars that are tasty and contain much protein.


From the explanation above, we can conclude that Quest Bars are not healthiest protein bars. Quest Bars contain protein, but also contain much sweeteners and highly processed ingredients. So, you are better to avoid this snack bar. If you want to consume this snack bar, avoid consuming it too often because it may cause bad effect. You are better to search for other snack bar as alternative to this bar. Well, those are some information for you about Are Quest Bars healthy? Hopefully this information can answer your question about Quest Bars.

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