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Liquid Diet Foods for Dieters with Focus and Commitment

Liquid diet foods are new trends that have been getting more attention for dieters who want to shape their body and lose more pounds. As the name suggest, liquid diet refers to a type of diet that involves only liquid for every day’s meals. So, it doesn’t involve anything solid because all the foods including fruits and veggies are blended and made into liquid or creamy consistency. How does it sound for you? Well, for some people, this diet sounds a bit weird but people have tried and admitted how helpful this diet it to allow them losing more weight. So, let’s get to know to this particular unique diet.

Liquid Diet Foods
Liquid Diet Foods for Dieters with Focus and Commitment

Why Should Liquid Diet

When a person just had a surgery, he/she is usually not allowed to eat solid foods and is asked to eat full liquid food especially if the person has some digestive condition issues. When it comes to liquid diet, there are two types. They are full liquid and clear liquid diet. The full liquid is actually a bridge between the mechanical soft diet and clear liquid diet. In this diet, a person is still allowed to eat various kinds of foods as long as the foods are pulverized, slurred, or pureed.
Nutrition Goals
This diet type is known for its low nutrients in calories. Usually, there are around 1500 calories every day and only 45 grams of protein. Although the liquid food makes you feel getting enough already but actually the nutrient content is not high because it consists only low amount of minerals, vitamins and fiber. That’s basically the reason why doctors recommend liquid dieters to add supplements into the every day’s meal plan in case of having this diet for longer period.
Recommended Foods
The list of recommended foods for this diet include almond milk, soy milk, dairy milk, pureed vegetables or milk, any kids of vegetable and fruit juice, melted cheese, yogurt, syrup, honey, tea, coffee, beaten eggs, water, sports drinks, soft drinks, broth, strained cooked cereal, cream soup, sugar, pureed meat, ice cream, flavored gelatin, frozen yogurt and sorbet.
Ideas for Meal Plan
Here are the ideas for liquid diet meal plans you can get.
1.     Breakfast
Every day, a person should consume around 2000 calories. For a starter of the day, the breakfast may consist of strained cooked cereal (one cup) and fruit juice (one cup). Or, it can also be tea (one cup), pureed fruit (one cup), morning snack and also water (one cup)
2.     Lunch
The meal plan for the lunch can be varied. For instance, it can include water (one glass), ice cream (one cup), afternoon snack, vegetable, chicken or beef broth (one cup), soy or almond milk (one cup) and also pureed vegetables (one cup).
3.     Dinner
As for the dinner, the meal plan options include soy or cow milk, water, fruit juice, creamed soup and pureed fruit. One cup only for each option. Dieters of liquid diet foods are also allowed to have some nighttime snacks like water, fruit juice and yogurt. For further understanding, you need to read more about "diet making you slimmer and athletic," in the following topics!

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