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Marine Corps Diet High in Protein and Promising Weight Loss

Marine corps diet sounds promising and it actually does especially for those who cannot let go of all the high protein meals during diet. For some people, this diet type can help them shed a lot of pounds pretty quick. So, it can be a great short-term diet. And it can also be the beginning of a total change of lifestyle into healthier life. There are so many great things about this diet including no calorie restrictions. Of course, exercises are involved and it can be quite extreme because you’d be living your life like a marine. But don’t worry, all those sweats will be paid off with slimmer and leaner body. Let’s start the diet.

Marine Corps Diet High in Protein and Promising Weight Loss

Diet Day 1 (Marine Corps Diet)

In the first day, the foods you’ll be eating all day long are eggs. Yes, eggs for breakfast, eggs for lunch, eggs for dinner and eggs for snacks. You have to eat 9 eggs in one day only. In total, you’ll be consuming 700 kcal for a day. In this first day, you’ll receive benefit because there will be lower insulin level but better metabolism. And, you’ll also have chance to burn all the fats faster.

Diet Day 2 (Marine Corps Diet)

Now, you are in the second day of the diet. You’ll be glad today because your sweet tooth will be spoilt. Yes, you will have to eat all the sugary sweets from the moment you wake until you sleep. For the breakfast, grapefruit is your option. Fresh fruit salad makes your sugary lunch. As for the dinner, you’ll be fortunate to have steak with celery, tomatoes and also cottage cheese.

Diet Day 3 (Marine Corps Diet)

In the third day, your meals will contain lots of iron so it will make you feel quite full at the end of the day. Again, grapefruit or one egg becomes your breakfast. Salad with spinach and tomatoes plus fish is your lunch. As for the dinner, a good size of lean lamb chops makes a great steal combined with fresh salad and tomatoes.

Diet Day 4 (Marine Corps Diet)

You are now half the way. In the fourth day, you need to go back to fasting. So for the breakfast, the option is between grapefruit and egg. For lunch, you only can have tomatoes and green salad. Dinner is not really special either as it includes dried toast and 3 eggs.

Diet Day 5 (Marine Corps Diet)

The fifth day of this diet is a day where you fill your body with potassium FTW. It means you get to eat grapefruit and egg for breakfast. For lunch, the option includes salad, tomatoes and fish. Your dinner should be lean ham salad with spinach and tomatoes.

Diet Day 6 (Marine Corps Diet)

Here comes the 6th day. The meal options are not really different. In the morning, you get to eat grapefruit or one piece of egg for breakfast. Lunch includes dried toast and 3 eggs. As for the dinner, you can eat cottage cheese, tomatoes and steak celery.

Diet Day 7 (Marine Corps Diet)

The last day of the diet! Start your day with grapefruit or egg. In the afternoon, have some fresh fruit salad for lunch. And in the evening, cook your favorite lean lamb chops with tomatoes and fresh salad. Now, your Marine corps diet is completed. For further understanding about "diet making you slimmer and athletic," check the following topics!

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