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Military Diet to Shed More Pounds with Fortitude

Military diet is a great option of diet but not for those with feint-hearted. Why? That’s because this diet is very low in calorie, highly regimented and also quite restrictive. Well, it may sound like a difficult and tough diet to have but it comes with great result. But it also has a positive side. It doesn’t involve a long-term diet as a few days of diet is already enough.

Military Diet to Shed More Pounds with Fortitude
Military Diet to Shed More Pounds with Fortitude
If you consider yourself as a person with short term spirit for diet, it makes a perfect choice. This diet is also recommended for those who doesn’t like complicated diets. And, it doesn’t require you to purchase and eat all the expensive dietary supplements. So, it actually is a low-cost diet. But of course, you need to stick on heavy exercise during the diet because that’s the only way to actually shed off the extra pounds in your body. Before you make the start, make sure to have enough motivation and willpower.

Day 1 in Military Diet

What people love about this diet is its simplicity. And, it also involves optimal mix of protein and low calories for fast fat burning. For the first day, your breakfast should consist of water, one cup of tea or coffee (no sugar), one slice of whole grain toast bread and two tbsp of low fat peanut butter. The meal options for breakfast seem common like you usually have in the morning when you are not in diet. The lunch includes one cup of tea or coffee, one slice of whole grain toast and ½ cup of lean protein like tuna. Dinner is 4 ounces of protein, one small apple, ½ banana, one cup of green beans and one cup of ice cream.

Day 2 in Military Diet

On day 2, your breakfast will be as good as on the first day. It includes one slice of whole grain toast, ½ banana and one egg. As for the lunch, you can eat 5 saltine crackers, one hardboiled egg and also one cup of cottage cheese. The dinner is also awesome as you can eat many foods at once like ½ cup of ice cream, ½ banana, one cup of broccoli, ½ cup of carrots and 4 ounces of protein or tofu.

Day 3 in Military Diet

Now you’re on the third day. Today, you should start the day by eating one small apple, one slice of cheddar cheese and five saltine crackers. For the lunch, you can have one slice of whole grain toast and one hardboiled egg. As for the dinner, get one cup of ice cream (vanilla ice cream preferable), ½ banana and one cup of cooked tuna.

Day 4 – 7 In Military Diet

There are no restrictions of what you can eat on day 4 to day 7 as long as it doesn’t exceed 1500 calories day. So, arrange your most favorite meals so you can still be happy living your diet. You’ll get to see significant result once your Military diet is completed. The following articles will help you a lot understand more about "diet making you slimmer and athletic."

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