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Eat Fat Get Thin Diet Plan

Eat Fat Get Thin Diet Plan - Who does not want to be able to eat as much fat as possible but will not get fat but getting thinner instead? Especially for women, this diet plan would be a dream plan for the women. It may not follow the logic because it is more logical that the fat consumed would be the fat we gain. However, Dr. Mark Hyman, the Director of Cleveland Clinic Centre has stated the opposite. He said that there is a way to properly use the fat for the positive thinner direction.

Eat Fat Get Thin Diet Plan
Eat Fat Get Thin Diet Plan

The Diet Plan First Step 

How is it possible to do so? The first thing to do in the diet plan is to check your “daily food selection”. The food is which makes you fat is the food which makes you sick. Best food is the food which provides you with the best nutrients and the best fuel for your body. Any other foods which do not do these should be considered as not foods at all.

Preventing Diseases

By eating the right foods, the possibilities of having a healthy disease-free body would be high as well. The reason is by eating fat, the fat will stimulates fat burning and would reduce your craving for food. The more fat eaten, the higher the metabolism speed of your body. Therefore it would overall reduce the quality of your cholesterol profile and thus reduces the possibility of heart disease. By producing the good Cholesterol profile, the fat production in the liver would be shut down and resulting in the prevention of fatty liver and ultimately the costly liver transplantation.

Insulin Management

The Main Culprit which makes your body fat is the excessive of insulin produced by the body. Insulin is produced the body to store the fat in your body. Excessive amount of Insulin usually caused by consuming too much sugar, carbs, all flour products, grains, and proteins. By consuming these foods, body will keep producing insulin. However, the fat does the opposite of this. Fat does not make the body produce any insulin. Therefore, even though a human eat more than ten thousands amount of calories without insulin related foods in a day, the particular human could still possibly lose weight. It can be concluded that Fat Produces Zero Insulin which might make your body fat.

Beware of Cytokines

“Cytokines Rampage” is one of the nemesis in our healthy body. Cytokines itself is the inflammatory molecules in your immune system. The rampage of cytokines would cause the cells in the body to be insulin resistant which will resulting the pancreas continuously producing insulin to counter the insulin resistant cells. This horrible events would therefore lead to unwanted results such as excessive fats and vicious disease cycle. In short, be sure to keep it in mind that “Anything which inflict inflammation” towards your body will in turn cause the Insulin Resistance

Caution of Dairy and Gluten

The two food considered as the most dangerous food in the food sensitivities are the Dairy and Gluten. The reason is these two foods are particularly hard on the body’s immune systems. Even Pediatricians does not recommend these two foods for babies under 12 month age. Other foods which need to be paid attention to other than these two are the artificial sweeteners, processed plant oils, refined carbohydrates, and sugar obviously. Hopefully this short article would be able to help you in your Eat Fat Get Thin Diet Plan. If you want to know more some other topics related to diet plan, read the following articles!

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