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Impress Your Spouse with Healthy Dinner Recipes for 2

Healthy Dinner Recipes for 2Are you planning to have healthy dinner with your spouse? Instead of spending time and money to go the restaurant, it can be more romantic when you can cook the dinner by yourself. There are some healthy dinner recipes for 2 that you can try.

Healthy Dinner Recipes for 2
Healthy Dinner Recipes for 2

Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli

For you who look for healthy dinner recipe, this teriyaki chicken and broccoli definitely needs to be considered. It is not only healthy, but also very simple and easy to be cooked. It is just need maximum 20 minutes to cook the dish. The protein that you get from the chicken breast will be balanced by the vitamin C and fiber from the broccoli.  Basically, chicken and broccoli are two main ingredients in this recipe. You just need to boil the broccoli and also fry the chicken with vegetables oil.  Besides those ingredients, you need to prepare the thick and sweet teriyaki sauce. You can serve this dish over the warm rice.

Tuscan Turkey Dinner with Roasted Red potatoes

You don’t have to wait for thanksgiving to enjoy the turkey. This recipe will definitely become the next healthy dinner recipes for you and your spouse. Instead of having the entire bird, you can just pick the breast. It will be enough for two. The turkey will be served with creamy sauce on the top of it. Beside turkey, you need to prepare other ingredients such as baby carrot and red roasted potatoes that is flavored by garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, oregano, chives and parmesan.

Chicken Thighs Marsala

Chicken Thighs Marsala is the next healthy recipe for dinner. It is also quite simple to be cooked and no need long time to have it served on the table. It is made of chicken thighs which will be juicier and will have more iron than breast. It is also made of Marsala wine which is wine that specially used for cooking, not drinking. It is also combined with mushroom and shallot in order to enrich the dish. You can serve the dish over the whole-wheat pasta and accompany with crusty bread that is soaked in the creamy sauce.

Chicken and Spinach Balti

You definitely won’t miss Chicken and Spinach Balti for the healthy dinner recipe. It is made of chicken and spinach Balti which is the source of Vitamin A. This dish also uses ginger for the ingredient. You can smell and taste the ginger once the disk is ready to serve. Ginger is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties that really help for you who suffer from sore muscle.

Italian Chopped Salad

Salad has known to be one of the healthiest recipes for dinner. Italian Chopped Salad is one recipe that you might want to try. As an Italian salad, this dish uses cannellini beans instead of bread for the feeling. It also uses other vegetables such lettuce and sun-dried tomatoes. For the dressing, this dish uses homemade vinegar.
Those are some delicious and healthy Dinner recipes for 2. Most of them are very simple and easy to cook. You can start to cook them and impress your spouse with the healthy and delicious dinner.

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