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List of Healthy Drinks at Starbuck

Starbuck is well known as a place where you can find many kinds of coffee and other beverages. You might wonder whether or not you can get healthy drinks at Starbuck. In beverage, commonly, you can say that a drink is healthy when it doesn’t contain too much sugar and calorie.  Surprisingly, there are some drinks at Starbuck that healthy enough to be ordered.

List of Healthy Drinks at Starbuck
List of Healthy Drinks at Starbuck

Ice Green Tea

For the first healthy drinks that you can order at Starbuck, you can choose ice green tea. Green tea is believed to be a type of drinks that give many benefits to your body due to its natural antioxidant properties. Ice green tea is also great for metabolism and very refreshing. It is recommended that you order the unsweetened one for zero calories. However, when you want to make sweeter, try honey instead of sugar.

Caffee Misto

For you who want to order hot coffee in Starbuck, Caffee misto is one of the healthiest options that you can get. It is made of freshly ground coffee beans and steam skim milk. You will get fewer calories compared with latte. Caffe Misto only contains 110 Calories.

Cool Lime Refresher

For you who need something refreshing and healthy, cool lime refresher might become one of the best options that you can get at Starbuck. The lime will give extra refreshing sensation to face the hot day. Lime also contains vitamin C that makes this drink healthy to consume. Cool Lime Refresher only contains 60 Calories.

Shaken Sweet Tea

Shaken Sweet Tea is the next healthy drinks that you can get at Starbuck. It is made of Teavana black tea and sugar that are shaken to mix the tea and sugar. Black tea is believed containing polifenol as the antioxidant that can help you prevent cancer. Shaken sweet tea contains 100 Calories due to sugar that added in the tea.

Caramel Frappuccino ‘light’

In starbuck, frappucciono is well-known as a product that contains high amount of calories and sugars. However, the light version of caramel frappuccino can be a perfect solution for you who want to order less sugar and calorie frappuccino. It is only 100 calories.

Caffe Americano

Caffe Americano is well known as espresso-based drink that has lowest calorie on the menu. It is only 15 calories. Caffe Americano is made of espresso that poured by hot water that will release the flavor.

Strawberry Smoothie

Although strawberry smoothie contains quite high calories, 300 calories, this smoothie is made of real strawberry fruit that contains 16g of protein. Strawberry is well known as a fruit that is rich in Vitamin C which can boost up your immune system. Strawberry also contains antioxidant that can decrease the cholesterol. In order to reduce the calories, you can decrease the amount of sugar that added in the smoothie.

Nonfat Iced Vanilla Latte

Commonly, iced coffee contains high amount of artificial sweetener. However, nonfat iced vanilla latte will solve that problem.  With only 120 calories, nonfat iced vanilla latte will refresh the summer day.

Those are some options of healthy drinks at Starbuck. Hopefully, this information will help you order the drink at Starbuck without worrying about sugar and calories.

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