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Start Your Day with Healthy Breakfast Near Me

Finding the places that serve healthy breakfast might be quite frustrating. There are many restaurants, but they don’t serve healthy food. Therefore, we are going to discuss some healthy breakfast near me that can give you good option of healthy foods for your breakfast.

Healthy Recommended Breakfast Near Me
Healthy Recommended Breakfast Near Me

Healthy Breakfast in Berlin, Germany

For you who visit Berlin, Germany, you might wonder where to find healthy breakfast in Berlin. Zeit Fur Brot might become the perfect place for you to get healthy and delicious breakfast. This restaurant is located in Alte Schoenhauser Str. 4, 10119 Berlin, Germany. It is opened quite early in the morning which is 7.00 am for weekdays and 7.30 for weekend. In this restaurant, cinnamon role, sandwiches and coffees has become the most popular menus for breakfast. Besides breads, you can also find some healthy and fresh vegetarian menus such as salad for the breakfast.
Healthy Breakfast in Madrid, Spain
For you who visit, Madrid Spain, you might consider to visit Federal for healthy and delicious breakfast. It is located in Plaza de las Comendadoras. It is opened at 9.00 am. This restaurant offered some healthy foods. They use fresh ingredients, a lot of vegetables and fruits for the breakfast menu. One of the most favorite breakfast menus is toast with avocado, ricotta, mint and pouched each on the top of it. Beside that menu, there several healthy breakfast menu such as Salad, Shakshuka, eggs benedicts, and sandwiches. 
Healthy Breakfast in Paris, France
For you who are in Paris, France, you might think to visit Holybelly for healthy breakfast destination. It is located at 19th rue Lucien Sampaix. The restaurant that is located near Canal Saint Martin is very popular in Paris. Once it is opened at 09.00 am, many people visit this place to have their breakfast. When you are bit late, you might wait quite long for getting the table. However, it is worth it because this restaurant offered the best breakfast in Paris, with dishes like black porridge that is made of coconut milk and garnished with fromage blanc and seasonal fruit or friend egg and pancakes accompanied with bacon, bourbon butter and maple syrup. 
Healthy Breakfast in Manchester, England
When you visit Manchester and you are looking for a place that offer healthy breakfast menu, you definitely need also to visit Evelyn’s CafĂ© and Bar. For breakfast menu, you need to go to this place between 9am -12.30pm. They offered some fresh and green breakfast menu, including coconut chia seed pot whit mango and pineapple, or you can try one of the most popular menus, green bowls which salad that consists of kale, spinach, avocado, herbs, lentils and boiled egg served on top.
Healthy breakfast in New York, America
In New York, you can go to Green Symphony when you are looking for healthy breakfast menu. It is opened at 7.30 am. This restaurant offers many options of healthy food. Most of them are vegan. It is healthy because they use fresh, natural and organic ingredient for every menu that served in the restaurant.

Those are some healthy breakfast near me where you can find not only delicious but also healthy breakfast. With healthy breakfast, you can start you day with good things to consume.

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