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Healthy Ground Chicken Recipes for Your Family

Healthy Ground Chicken Recipes for Your FamilyHealthy ground chicken recipes are the best choice you can take for preparing healthy meals for your family. They are practical and can be relied on urgent situation.

Healthy Ground Chicken Recipes for Your Family

Why Ground Chicken

Ground chicken is a basic material you can apply for various recipes, such as meatballs and burgers. It is quick cooking and easy to make. Moreover, ground chicken usually has mild flavor and most people like it. You can make ground chicken in large amount and keep it in fridge. Put it out and take some of it anytime you need ground chicken for your recipes. Make sure you cook the healthy ground chicken so your family will not only get delicious meal but also keep them healthy.

Nutrition in Ground Chicken

Ground chicken as healthy food is something inevitable. But how much the nutrition contained in it will depend on the quality of the chicken meat used. It will also depend on the ratio of dark and white meat. 3 ounces of ground chicken may contain around 120 calories in average. It also has 6 grams of the total fat as well as 3 grams of the saturated fat. Ground chicken also contains about 15 grams protein.

How to Make Basic Recipe of Ground Chicken

Cooking ground chicken is very simple. Just do the following steps to make delicious ground chicken of your own.
1.    Grind the chicken till they are smooth enough.
2.    The first thing you should do is preparing a small pan and then apply vegetable cooking spray on it.
3.    The next is heat the pan.
4.    After that, prepare a small bowl and put 3 ounces of ground chicken in it.
5.    The next step is adding a little garlic powder, onion powder, and pepper on the ground chicken. Mix them to give flavor on it.
6.    Put the mixture in the pan with medium heat.
7.    The last step is sautéing the mixture and then wait it for 5 or 10 minutes till the seasoned ground chicken turns brown.

How to Keep Healthy Ground Chicken in Fridge

How long ground chicken can be stored in the fridge will depend on the storage condition. Don’t’ leave the cooked ground chicken more than 2 hours under room temperature as the bacteria will rapidly grow on it. If properly stored, a well – cooked ground chicken can be kept in fridge for 3 up to 4 days.

Healthy Ground Chicken Recipe Ideas

Keeping ground chicken in the fridge is very useful. You can take it out and cook it in an urgent situation that requires quick cooking. Here are some healthy ground chicken recipe ideas you can try.
1. Chicken burgers
It is the best idea to replace beef meat on burgers. Make sure you use white meat chicken only to get best result.
2. Spanakopita
Create mini meatballs from your ground chicken. This meal is inspired by Greek recipe completed with a creamy dipping sauce. Spanakopita comes with bite – sized delights. It is a delicious snack for parties or you can simply eat this meal for appetizer or main course.
3. Chipotle Chicken Taco Meatballs
It is a Mexican recipe that can spoil your tongue with its delicious taste. This meal is very suitable for you who love hot tasted food. It is one of the healthy ground chicken recipes with 300 calories per serving.

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